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Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Skilled marketing researcher with experience in vast fields.

Certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Coaching.

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Certified Practitioner of  NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coach.

expert in Leadership Coaching and Motivational Training.

It’s ok to be not ok. Facing any of these challenges? We’re here to help:

Learn how to grow EQ from inside out and take control of emotions with our online FREE EQ-NLP Masterclass. Click on the button below to sign up now!

Currently experiencing these challenges? Then this is the Masterclass worth attending

Constant stress and anxiety from work, relationship and personal life

Trapped in negative emotions of sadness, anger and frustration in everyday life

Tension from things which seems hard to control most of the time

With our online FREE EQ-NLP Masterclass, learn:


How to stop stress and anxiety from affecting life

How to equip yourself with mental tools to protect self and family from destructive emotions and behaviors

Useful brain techniques to release negative emotions and see immediate changes

Guided deep relaxation experience to help release stress and be at peace while the body heals

Best of all, these are all LIVE sessions, designed by highly experienced Licensed NLP Master Trainer (Ms Kiki Ng) and her certified NLP graduates. This session will be delivered by two lively, passionate and enthusiastic speakers and certified NLP Practitioners.

On top of these, get a FREE Workbook worth RM199 and a (limited) private coaching session worth RM500, when you register for our online FREE EQ-NLP Masterclass!

Stop waiting, take charge and sign up here!

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