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Accredited by ABNLP and IACT as a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Coach, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy.



Certified Practitioner - NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Coaching, Hypnotherapy.

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Would this Masterclass shine a light in your life? Are you hungry enough to step forward and be the change that you want to see? If yes, feel free to register with us!

In Grow Your EQ Part 1, GROW YOUR EQ FROM INSIDE OUT, you learned that out of 11million bits of information per second from a real experience, our brain recreates them to only 126 bits per second of sensory based data by filtering it through our MOW (Model of the World). We learned NLP’s Art of Anchoring to stay positive and calm during the pandemic, flowing with whatever comes, because in this chaotic and volatile world, we will never know what's going to happen next. Adopting the “Who knows… we shall see” attitude keeps us calm, builds mental agility and unshakeable peace. 

In Grow Your EQ Part 2, THE ART OF CHANGE, we learn that our thoughts (the 126 bits), sometimes form triggers that can constantly remind us of our past trauma, causing emotional upsets and physical dis-ease. You learned several NLP tools to challenge unhelpful beliefs and remove negative emotional triggers called SWISH, to stop them from constantly flashing in your thoughts without any warning. 

In Part 3, we share with you the ART OF COACHING. Learn how to self-coach from procrastination to motivation and see if you have what it takes to be a life coach!

Do the following describe you? 

  1. The current job is not the best job moving forward

  2. Current skill sets need enhancement

  3. Anxious about future, lack of purpose and direction 

  4. Enjoy helping others change and transform

In Part 3 of our FREE EQ-NLP Masterclass, The Art of Coaching, you will

  1. Find out if you have what it takes to coach others

  2. Find your life purpose and direction

  3. Identify your emotional drivers

  4. Move from procrastination to motivation

  5. Coach others using “Core Values Model”

Best of all, these are all LIVE sessions, designed by highly experienced Licensed NLP Master Trainer (Ms Kiki Ng) and her certified NLP graduates. This session will be delivered by two lively, passionate and enthusiastic speakers and certified NLP Practitioners.

On top of these, get a FREE Workbook worth RM199 and a (limited) private coaching session worth RM500, when you register for our online FREE EQ-NLP Masterclass!

Stop waiting, take charge and sign up here!

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