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Attachment to unhealthy food

Insecure attachment happens when, as a child we grew up believing and seeing ourselves as inadequate and un-loveable. According to research, insecure attachment leads to unhealthy eating habits, when our minds distort what we see in the mirror and create an unhealthy relationship with food in an attempt to manage negative feelings. This emotion regulation difficulties, perfectionism, low self-esteem, and bad coping mechanisms aggravate and create serious eating issues. These signs include concerns about being overweight, dissatisfaction with body shape, restricting eating, and binge eating.

When negative emotions threaten to trigger emotional eating, you may take steps to manipulate cravings. Common suggestions are to hold a food diary, tame your will power, have a hunger truth check, get support, fight boredom, remove temptation, don’t deprive yourself, snack healthy, and study setbacks.

If you've tried self-help options to no avail, seek help with a mental health professional, a therapist or an NLP Practitioner. A mental health professional can also help you discover whether you are suffering from insecure attachment, which may be linked to emotional eating. Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioners assist you to rewire your brain and reconstruct new neuro pathways leading to (both conscious unconscious) healthier eating habits and self-confidence.

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