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Emotional Drivers

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Human beings are emotional creatures and our emotions drive our behavior. Positive or negative, emotions drive us to achieve a goal. If you are driven by negative emotions to achieve a goal, it is most probable rooted in fear. Some people are motivated to work because they fear losing their job. We usually encourage a healthier and more positive driver, i.e moving towards the goal that you want, e.g Being motivated to work because you are excited to gain a promotion.

There are eight fundamental Emotional drivers and motivators. Each of these is based on a human psycho-emotional need developed through environmental factors such as family, culture, and stage in life. While each of these drivers is present in each individual, they do not have equal importance. They are also achieved in different ways by different individuals in different environments. Every individual has a different order of importance for these eight drivers. The eight emotional drivers are:

  1. Belonging/Love - Connection from being with others, or connection with self

  2. Control/Security - Greater ability to maintain security in our lives

  3. Diversity - Having variety, excitement

  4. Recognition/Significance - Acknowledgments of our virtues and achievements, being noticed

  5. Achievement - The need to make progress in our plans and finish things – Completion

  6. Challenge/Growth - Learning and growing

  7. Excellence - Self-satisfaction and pride in the things we do

  8. Responsibility and Contribution - The need to Contribute to others

By understanding an individual’s primary emotional drivers, we know their ultimate motivations. We should also be aware that different people with different rankings of drivers will affect us differently. In addition, each person satisfies his or her drivers in both positive and negative ways.

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