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Go Home - Heal, Rejoice and Be At Peace

Go home... 🏠

As we ignite our senses, whether from scented candles or fresh pine, feast our eyes on breathtakingly beautiful Christmas lights and decor, uplift ourselves from heartwarming songs of the festive season. 🎉✨

And most of all, feel the love and warm hugs from friends and family... do take time to reflect in the silence of the night or in the freshness of the early morning dawn. 🧘🏻🧘🏻‍♀️

Take a moment to go back to the breath and go home.

Go home to your own body.

Go home to the present moment.

Your home is right here in the NOW. 💝

Go home and heal, rejoice and be at peace.

When you have done that, you have arrived.

Happy New Year. 👏🏻🥳🤩

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