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Hurt from betrayal - Part 1: Trauma from betrayal

In this 3-part series, we will discuss about trauma of betrayal, how it affects our brain and how to heal from betrayal.

Betrayal is one of our worst fears. Betrayals can occur within families, in the workplace, among friends, and in the most sacred space of marriage. All betrayals are difficult to come to terms with, yet betrayal within the confines of an intimate relationship can feel like the worst violation of all. Within a marriage, betrayal by a spouse can create an upwelling of emotions and leave serious devastation in its wake. If ignored, dismissed, or allowed to fester, the effects of betrayal can cause irreparable harm to a relationship. When faced openly and honestly with appropriate, wise support, betrayal can be understood, addressed, and ultimately healed.

Betrayal goes beyond feeling hurt, upset and subsequently angry, it causes further damage. It reduces our ability to trust others in the future. Significant betrayal in our intimate relationships may take a long time to heal if we’re willing to let the relationship continue. For many, betrayal ends a relationship. Consequently, some would find it hard, if not impossible to trust and give themselves to a relationship again, resulting in depression and loneliness. We can’t change the situations but if we can redefine the way we view them, we can eventually find fulfillment in changing our emotional responses.

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