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Inner Peace VS Happiness, Which Is More Important?

If given a choice, would you choose happiness over inner peace? Or do they come together? If you have inner peace, does it mean you have happiness too? If you have happiness does it mean you will have inner peace too?

Inner peace refers to a deliberate state of either psychological or spiritual calmness despite the potential presence of stressors. It is a homeostatic psychological state, which results in the optimal functioning of the mind. To be at peace requires complete acceptance of how things are without any desire for anything to be different.

Meanwhile, in general, the feeling of happiness will come and go as a person achieves or experiences things that they are happy about. The important factor about this feeling is that you can choose it under any and all circumstances. When a person changes how they view happiness, they have more control over it and can keep the feeling alive longer. According to Eckhart Tolle, the whole movement of happiness, unhappiness, happiness, unhappiness, could be called unhappiness. You're suffering because your state of mind is in flux, moving back and forth. The ego's happiness is really a form of suffering because it cannot live without unhappiness.

Happiness and peace are two different feelings. The main difference between happiness and peace is *happiness is conditional*, while peace is unconditional. Happiness cannot remain forever, while peace remains forever. The level of happiness can be judged, but peace cannot be judged. Happiness is a state of being satisfied, while peace is a sensation of fulfillment. When you compare peace and happiness, what you will find is peace is a stronger feeling than happiness. Happiness is a feeling which one may experience from satisfaction to bliss to contentment. Peace is the ultimate feeling which cannot be defined. So, for me, it's inner peace...

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