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Is Democratic Leadership The Best Leadership Style?

Democratic leadership, also known as participative leadership encourages members of a team to take on responsibilities in decision-making. A democratic leader is someone who encourages input and considers feedback from their team before making a decision. This gives team members a sense of importance as their voice is heard and their contributions matter, fostering higher levels of employee engagement, commitment and workplace satisfaction. Also by allowing everyone to work on a solution using their own education and experience, innovation is encouraged, making it possible to address complex and critical concerns.

Democratic leadership styles can create feelings of uncertainty within a team because of the need to make fast decisions sometimes. However, because everyone is permitted the chance to voice an opinion or offer an idea and that each idea must be thoroughly discussed before it can be dismissed, it can lead to delays in productivity and progress as everyone attempts to find the best possible solution and get onto the same page. Under the democratic leadership style, it is not uncommon for team members split into groups in support of certain ideas, leading to a decreased level of teamwork, morale and, in severe cases, can lead to conflict, insubordination, employees quitting, or a refusal to participate in future discussions

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