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Thank You Is A Magic Word

Saying thank you is about appreciating the worth of life, it is about being grateful for all things around you. Thank you is about taking pleasure in every little thing and seeking learning from even the worst of situations.

Thanking works because it expresses one of our most basic emotions: gratitude. Not an abstraction, gratitude is a genuine emotion. It cannot be exacted or forced. You either feel it or you don’t. Yet, when someone does something nice for you, they expect gratitude and they think less of you for withholding it. Think about the last time you gave someone a gift. If they didn’t say thank you, how did you feel about them? Great person? Or an ungrateful person?

When you cultivate the practice of giving thanks, you encourage people to be more generous. The opposite is also true: when people don’t hear that what they have done matters, they become disengaged and less generous. Why bother doing more if it doesn’t matter?

It’s not a secret that being thankful can affect your mood in a positive way (it’s difficult to express gratitude and be grumpy!). But studies have seen an association between gratitude and a person's well-being. Essentially, the more you appreciate and are thankful for, the more attuned you are to your feelings of well-being and gratefulness. If you think about it, it makes sense. The more frequently we give and practice appreciation, the more it becomes a habit and way of living.

Be thankful for each and everything that comes your way, no matter how trivial it seems. Even when the going gets tough, be thankful because that situation is going to make us better and stronger. Appreciate even the smallest pleasures of life and be grateful for the worst pains that come your way. Say thank you to everyone who has helped you even in the smallest possible way and also to those who have affected you in the worst possible way. Because when you are thankful for what little you have, you end up having a lot more.

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