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The Effect of Constant Negative News on our Mental Health

The COVID-19 has resulted in many conspiracies in the cyber world as well as in the physical world. It had resulted in many heated arguments among different world leaders and there were accusations on the spread of the disease and vaccination. But the disease had created a clear damage in the economy of almost all the countries in the world. Most of the countries declared lock-down resulting in many traumas among the citizens of the country. Its global spread has killed more than one million people and infecting more than 30 million people. Along with the disease, social media spread the rumors and fear mongering messages.

Many rumours and false news stories are circulating about the COVID-19 and is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish fake news from reports that are true. Consequently, misinformation in social media has fuelled panic among members of the public regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Mounting research shows that seemingly endless newsfeeds related to COVID-19 infection and death rates could considerably increase the risk of mental health problems too. Learn how to be mentally strong in our free NLP-EQ Masterclass happening from tonight till end of August, 2021. Register here at

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