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The Past Can Hurt. But The Way I See it, You Can Either Run From It Or Learn From It.

All of us have things in our lives we wish we had done differently. Times we should have turned right when we turned left. People we wish we’d spent more time with. Others we wish we had steered clear of altogether. Opportunities we believe we should have pursued. Chances we should have taken and ones we shouldn’t have. Sometimes we call them regrets. Other times learning experiences.

None of us is perfect. All of us make mistakes. Sometimes, when we make mistakes we are weighed down by guilt. Take comfort in the fact that we are human. Without making mistakes we wouldn’t be able to learn from our experiences. We would not know what works and what does not. Each person is different. A mistake could help someone else or possibly help prevent someone from making the same mistake. Own your mistakes. It makes you stronger and you will be less likely to repeat them.

No matter how bad your past was it is never too late to learn positively from it and move on with more wisdom and strength. Never run away from your mistakes or your past. I believe that we are exactly where we are needed to be, to learn positively from every event in our life and to pass the learning and values down to the next generation.

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