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Think Before You Speak - 9 NLP Conversation Frames

It is a really good habit to think before you speak. 💭🤭💬

It helps to avoid causing unnecessary trouble in your relationships 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 or your career 💼, which will snowball to affect your mental and emotional health 🧠🤕❤️‍🩹.

When you don’t think before you speak, you’re more likely to make badly informed statements and reduce your credibility, let alone hurt someone, even if your intentions were genuinely harmless. 👿😔🥺

Below are 📣 9 NLP Conversation Frames🏅you could use to plan your speech, from selling and idea or product to making negotiations.

Most importantly, they help to construct true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind (THINK) conversations effectively. 💝🥰💬

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