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Values - Where do they come from?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

As mentioned in the previous post, values are what's important to us in life, career, relationships etc... They vary in different contexts.

Our values were instilled in us since birth. We learn from our parents, family members, school teachers and friends, media and our religious leaders and institutions.

Examples of values are honesty, loyalty, integrity, family, technology, leadership, knowledge, creativity, love, caring, teamwork, health, intimacy, faith, trust, compassion, wealth, achievement, progress, perfection, reliability etc...

It is important for us to know our values (as they sit in our unconscious) so that we can align them with our goals. When we achieve these aligned goals we feel good, in total congruence and have inner peace. In the absence of our values as a guide, we sometimes fall victim to strong influence of gains, goals or behaviors that are in conflict with our values and that can lead to internal conflict, stress and strong feelings of guilt and regret.

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