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Ashton Training Academy PLT is committed to bring more free NLP-EQ webinars during this pandemic period and beyond, to reach out to those in need of some motivation and coaching. These sessions are published in all major social media platforms and delivered by our passionate NLP graduates as part of their further training. These sessions are in both English and Mandarin. Check the schedule below for upcoming English and Mandarin sessions below and register with us to experience real NLP tools for mental health.



Registration Link
26 Mar 2022 (Sat)
8pm - 9.30pm
10 Apr 2022 (Sun)
11am - 12.30pm
27 Apr 2022 (Wed)
12.30pm - 2pm
1 May 2022 (Sun)
11am - 12.30pm



24 Apr 2022 (Sun)
7 May 2022 (Sat)
3pm - 4.30pm
8pm - 9.30pm
Registration Link



10 Apr 2022 (Sun)
23 Apr 2022 (Sat)
11am - 12.30pm
8pm - 9.30pm
Registration Link
14 May 2022 (Sat)
8pm - 9.30pm

Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan holds a Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). He is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and a Certified Professional Business Coach from the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) UK. He has been delivering and facilitating corporate training for over 17 years and awarded Certified Management Consultant by Call Centre Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) in 2009. Andrew is passionate in promoting mental health and is a volunteer presenter in Marriage Preparation Course.


Nancy Liew

Nancy Liew is a certified Lead Assessor for MS ISO 9001 certification and a trained auditor for MS ISO 14001 certification and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. She is articulate, sharp and vocal, yet compassionate, kind, and committed in her work. Nancy is a member of AKRAB, the Public Service Counsellor Partners, a body responsible in promoting first-class work culture in the civil service. Her passion in human communication, led her to complete the Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification. Nancy is also a volunteer presenter in Marriage Preparation Course and other events that promote mental health awareness



Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy ®, Coaching, Certified Trainer in Training & Assessment and a Certified Behavioural Consultant (DISC). Grace spent the past 8 years of her life creating a difference in people’s lives across Southeast Asia, promoting the importance of having Real Skills in today’s everchanging world. She has delivered more than 50,000 hours of training over 8 countries, specialising in Motivation, Personal Effectiveness, DISC, Train-the-Trainer, Discovering your Purpose & Values and many more. Grace is an enthusiast to help empower people to achieve a better life for themselves! 

tina chan.png


Tina holds a Master's degree in Applied Psychology majoring in Coaching, is a Certified Mental First Aider and a Master Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  However, her passion in empowering others to be a better version of themselves shines beyond all her academic qualifications (which includes an Engineering degree too!). Tina is determined in her plans to make this world a better place by promoting EQ-NLP in schools because she believes that good EQ starts from young, and from the inside out.



A graduate in Hospitality Management and an NLP Practitioner and Therapist, Shaun is a passionate and aspiring trainer and coach with a life goal to inspire and touch people’s lives through making positive changes. Shaun is known for his high energy, passion and professionalism in designing and the delivery of his talks. Shaun learns best modeling best practices and processes and vows to meet you at the top in the area of training and coaching. 



Rebecca's experience is in the telecommunication industry for the past 15 years. Her experience ranges from being actively in sales and delivery of customer experience, handling key accounts, managing dealers to managing stakeholders. Now a regional trainer, Rebecca is constantly busy transferring knowledge and skillset on a daily basis. She is passionate when it comes to helping lift someone from mental stress and discomfort to a healthier state of mind. Rebecca truly believes that a positive mindset and the attitude of gratitude will help us Grow Our EQ from the inside out.

kavitha k.png

Kavitha K

A graduate in Psychology, Kavitha has a keen interest in understanding how people are triggered emotionally and driven to achieve new heights. Having been in the human resource industry for more than 3 years, her work with corporate individuals has carved a deep passion in her to helping others find their purpose and drive in their professional and personal journey in life.

Now, a graduate Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️ and Hypnotherapy, Kavitha K is enjoying her new journey of soul searching and the burning quest to help others. Her motto, “Be like a snake” is a metaphor that means we must occasionally shed our EGO to achieve peace and joy in life.



Booventhiran Manogeran, a Master NLP Practitioner (ABNLP) a trainer with more than 15 years of corporate experience, is set to spread his knowledge across industrial and geographical landscape.
Known by his peers and trainees as a great influencer cum entertainer, Booven lives by the motto “Laugh & Learn” His deep passion in delivering quality through fun shines and radiates through his charming personality and compassionate nature.

Booven is instrumental in conducting Team Building, Personal Leadership and Supervisory Development Programmes.

sam leong.png

Sam Leong

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, Sam is a natural problem solver. His quick wit and critical thinking skills gave him an edge in identifying growth opportunities even in the trickiest situations


Professionally, Sam is a skilled marketing researcher with experience in vast fields such as social political studies, branding, strategic communication, competitive intelligence, and customer experience. Having worked with major brands and organizations in industries such as media, energy, insurance, government and retail, Sam gained unique perspectives on business strategy and organizational change management.


With strong passion for personal excellence, Sam enrolled into Ashton Training Academy and is now a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Coaching. While working on creating a better version of self, Sam wish to share with the community, the insights and tools that brought life altering experiences to himself.

dr sia.png

Dr Sia

Master Practitioner for NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Hypnotherapy, and Coaching.

Dr Sia carved himself a niche in Motivating students, young working adults, and coaching working adults. Having inspired more than 30,000 students, teachers, educational staff and leaders in different industries and countries, Dr Sia is known for coaching others to making right choices to achieve their desired goals. Dr Sia’s areas of specialties are Motivation, Leadership, Public Speaking, Team building.



Wendy is passionate in the field of human communications and emotional intelligence. Throughout her years of working experience in business management in various industries such as sports, finance, public relations, advertising, education, customer service and business operations, she saw the unlimited potential an individual can achieve after breaking through the emotional barriers. 

From there she found her life purpose and aspires to coach and train individuals to be the best version of themselves by making a positive change. For her, learning never stops and as such, she constantly improving and upgrading herself in her coaching and training techniques. Currently, she holds a degree in Business Management from University of Hertfordshire and Inti International University, degree in Psychology from Wawasan Open University, Islamic Capital Market Graduate (ICMGTS), Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA) and a HRDF trainer. On top of that, she is actively mentoring in Toastmaster International community.

ms melisa.png


Melisa is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy ®️, Hypnotherapy and a registered member of AHPM, Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia). Specializes in coaching, mentoring children and adolescents. She has given many personal development training workshops to thousands of students throughout the country. Conducted numerous motivational and study skills seminars at government and private schools.



PJ born Irene Yaw, holds a degree Economics n Finance. With her cheerful disposition, contagiously positive energy and 12-year working experience in interior design, Irene has her heart set in empowering women to live the life that they want. Now armed with Ashton's Practitioner's certificate in  NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Irene's passion is going to bring smiles to all women in her path.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-03 at 3.22.57 PM.jpeg


Syakirah Eliza See, a gentle and compassionate lady who packs the power of a bullet, Syakirah is Head of Legal Section in a multinational company. With 10 years experience in in-house corporate legal, corporate governance, compliance & trainings, you might not have guessed that she has her heart set in developing others.

Brought up in different cultural environments, Syakirah is positive, flexible and loves challenges. Now, a graduate of NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️ and Hypnotherapy with Ashton, Syakirah is all set to change her world by adjusting her own ‘lenses’ and be a role model for others to follow. Her positivity, openness and empathy shine through her persona as a leader and a coach, both at work and at home.

ms laipeng.png

Lai Peng

Certified Practitioner of  NLP, Time Line Therapy ®️, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coach. A General Manager in an MNC, and with more than 20 years of experience in Human Capital Development in the area of sales operations, customer service and project management across various industries (Start-ups, Telecommunications, Retail, Educations & Training, Aviation), LaiPeng is an expert in Leadership Coaching and Motivational Training. Her passion in promoting leadership and personal excellence led her to volunteer for this project.


Kavitha P

Kavitha Periannan is accredited by ABNLP and IACT as a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Coach, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy. Kavitha’s passion for mental wellness is immense. Through her lived experience, Kavitha aims to help others to discover their own potential for greatness. She takes great pride in evoking the talents of her participants and her coaches



Adeline is a certified NLP practitioner. Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy ®️ (2019). Professionally, Adeline holds a BA degree in Communication and Media Management. She is also a Certified HRDF Trainer and DISC behavioural consultant. Adeline. a former cabin crew loves traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. She considers her journey with NLP a beautiful gift that she has acquired for her to face the world confidently with a positive mindset. Her passion in spreading and helping others using NLP has grown since then and it fits nicely with her life purpose.

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