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If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going

Throughout our lives, in the sphere of our careers or even personal lives, we sometimes come across obstacles that we feel are just too hard to overcome. We sometimes made it through without any scars or wounds, we sometimes got bruised in the process, and of course we sometimes gave up altogether and found an alternative route for our life. The truth is, that hardship is what makes us who we are. Hardship builds our unique characteristics, and the experience necessary to overcome future challenges much easier. Like the saying goes, the harder you fall, the faster you bounce back!

"Going through hell" is a metaphor describing a situation when we are going through adverse, unpleasant circumstances. For some, hell might be something like losing a job. For others, it might be a relationship, personal growth, business difficulties, family issues or health related.

Whatever "hell" you are going through, just keep going, keep your mind focused on your goal.

Think about it, if you are driving under an old bridge, do you stop your car, sit there and complain about the old bridge being there or do you “go through it” so you can make it to your destination? Why would you stop and sit still when you are going through a life challenge that is meant to get you to a destination.

Although hell is unpleasant, it is different for everyone. Your hell might be someone else's heaven and vice versa. So perhaps "hell" is also an inside job?

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