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Moving towards or away from

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Are you "Moving Towards" fulfilling your values or "Away From" pain of not having your values met?

“Values are stable constructs from which belief systems are generated. The rule of thumb is values can be expressed in 1 to 3 words. Beliefs need a full sentence. Attitudes tend to need a paragraph.” Douglas Pride

We can have “moving towards” values which, when satisfied, bring us pleasure

and “moving away from values” which attempt to keep us from feeling pain.


Not Losing Being Successful

Not feeling sick Good Health

Not Unstable Security

Not Feeling Trapped Freedom of Choice

What or how you talk about your goal or objectives tells if you are 'moving towards' pleasure or moving away from pain. It also shows very much in the person's physiology. A person 'moving-towards' person usually radiates with positive energy, where as an 'away-from' person most often than not, will show signs of physiological stress.

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